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Rossum Electro Music

Rossum Electro-Music Assimilator
Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-ASSIMILATOR
Designed to provide a powerful, flexible sampling engine for modular synthesis, the ASSIMIL8OR Multi-Timbral Phase Modulation Sampler module is the latest incarnation of Dave Rossum’s decades-long pioneering of affordable professional sampling technology.ASSIMIL8OR provides ..
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Rossum Electro-Music Linnaeus
Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-LINNAEUS
Stereo Thru-Zero State Variable VCFLINNAEUS is a stereo state variable filter that provides the unique ability to linearly modulate its resonant frequency through zero into negative frequency, while maintaining stability. With extensive voltage control of nearly every parameter, LINNAEUS&n..
Ex Tax:502.52€
Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-LOCUTUS
LOCUTUS is designed to interface Assimil8or with MIDI instruments, controllers, and sequencers to provide multichannel modulation and new polyphonic possibilities.LOCUTUS includes a special attached cable to connect to the Assimil8or CPU behind the panel.LOCUTUS is 6 HP..
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Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-MOB-OF-EMUS
Polyfunctional Harmonic SextetMob of Emus is a powerful music and sound design tool that packs an enormous amount of creative power into an amazingly compact 16HP module.Mob of Emus gives you six channels of oscillators, noise sources, cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and v..
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Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-MORPHEUS
With our MORPHEUS digital filter module, we’re finally able to unleash the full power of the 14-pole Z­-Plane Filters that Dave invented for the E-mu Morpheus synthesizer.The MORPHEUS Eurorack module includes over 280 filter configurations. Each configuration is co..
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Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium
Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: ROSSUM-PANHARMONIUM
Spectral Processor and Tone GeneratorRossum Electro-Music Software Architect Bob Bliss (who also, as it happens, fathered E-mu’s famed “EOS” Emulator Operating System) has created Panharmonium, a unique music and sound design tool that lets you analyze the spectral content of any audio signal and us..
Ex Tax:545.38€
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