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Neutral Labs

Brand: Neutral Labs Model: NEUTRAL-LABS-NIJEL
User customizable distortionNijel is a 4 HP distortion module that lets you change its character by plugging in components like diodes, capacitors or resistors directly to the front panel. Assembled modules and DIY kits come with a set of small components for experimentation. A set of preset cartrid..
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Brand: Neutral Labs Model: NEUTRAL-LABS-NUTS
Nuts is a set of four preset cartridges for Neutral Labs Nijel and Scrat.They give you instant access to a variety of distortion sounds.The set of 4 preset cards called Nuts (Acorn, Almond, Cashew and Pecan) is recommended, but not necessary to operate the module and so it is is sold separately.&nbs..
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Brand: Neutral Labs Model: NEUTRAL-LABS-PIP
Dual clocked CV generator/recorderTwo morphable CV generators/complex LFOs in 8 HP that can be synced to each other in predefined ratios, unsynced or phase-shifted between each other. The user can choose from a large variety of preset waveforms, random waves or record and morph your own external CV ..
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