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Neo By Oyaide QAC-222 35-63 TS 2m

The QAC-202, NEO’s flagship microphone and instrument cable, has been used for more than five years since its release. It combines a high quality sound recording capability with solid reproduction of actual sound, and has been supported by people seeking higher-level sound in recording and other live situations. As hardware and software have evolved over time, so has the sound quality of music.This means that previously invisible sounds are now in focus, and more serious reproduction is required from cables. In order to meet this demand at a high level, NEO has brushed up the QAC-202 based on user feedback. The QAC-222 is a new version of the QAC-202, a cable with even greater clarity and wider range of expression, while maintaining the QAC-202’s appealing sound presence.

The QAC-222 series uses the first-class OFC conductor “C1011”, which is manufactured completely in Japan. In addition, we developed “HC-OFC”, which is a hardened and tuned conductor to optimize and better match with the signal from instruments and microphones. The QAC-222 provides a wide range of precision and professional sound that cannot be obtained with ordinary OFC cables for audio use, and also provides a highly usable sound that does not lose its presence in any frequency band. QAC-222 follows the design of QAC-202 and includes the HC-OFC conductor.

The insulator covering the conductor is made of PE (polyethylene), which has low dielectric properties. This reduces signal transmission loss by suppressing the capacitance of the cable, resulting in high frequency characteristics with good extension. LDPE (low-density polyethylene) is used for the internal sheath covering the insulator. By setting the inner sheath to a different hardness from that of the insulator, vibrations transmitted to the cable are effectively suppressed, resulting in a sharper sense of localization. “QAC-222 series” expands the possibilities of musical expression while maintaining the philosophy of “QAC-202”.


SHIELDINGHC-OFC, braided ratio 90%
INNER INCLUSIONlow-density polyethylene
PLUGSXLR:Switchcraft AAA / 1/4 TRS Phone Jack:NEO P-275T / 1/4 TRS Phone Jack:NEO P-275M