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Nekyia Circuits

Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-OBSIDIAN
Obsidian is a Dual Analog, Voltage Controlled LFO with Triangle and Square wave outs. A Symmetry CV input varies the shape of the Triangle waveform and also the pulse width of the Square wave. The two LFOs are Cross-modulated meaning that if nothing is patched to CV inputs, LFO1 modulates LFO2 Rate ..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-OPAL
Opal is a three-channel Switched Attenuverter and Summing Mixer, for audio and cv signals. It features a 3-position switch per channel that assigns the channel to the corresponding busses (χ/ψ) or muting the channel (middle). All channels can deliver an Offset-voltage of +/-10V max when nothing is p..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-ROOT-LOCUS
Root Locus is an analog 12dB/octave multimode filter, based on the CGS512 VCFQ filter. It adds a dual input crossfading mixer with gain control and a variable mode output with cv control for sweeps between filter modes, aiming for an extensive tonal variety! It also features a Ping input that allows..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-SOSUMI
Sosumi is a dual Low Pass Gate based on Buchla 292 design. It features two identical mild non-resonant circuits which utilize vactrols in order to provide simultaneous control over the Amplitude and Frequency of the input signal. Due to the nature of vactrols though each channel and each Sosumi will..
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