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KSR EX5 MIDI Control Interface


Meet the EX5, the first in our new Utility Series line of products!

You may have noticed that little 1/8″ jack on our pedals labels “Ext. Control Interface”. This was added to allow for control of our pedals via an external means, such as a switcher, or what have you. Our intention all along was to eventually offer a product to utilize this port, and that’s where the EX5 comes in. The cool thing — it also controls our non-MIDI amps! With quick and easy plug ‘n play, you can operate the Ares, Juno, and Orthos, plus all our pedals. The EX5 is aptly named as it has 5 external control outputs, each an isolated TRS connection with two independent contacts.


We are beginning production of the EX5 and orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: Custom colors will be available by request. To start we are offering black sparkle as the standard finish.


  1. 5x isolated TRS outputs, 2 contacts each
  2. MIDI In / Out
  3. 9V DC input >= 200 mA
  4. Phantom power possible via MIDI connection
  5. Latching, positive pulse, or negative pulse configuration for each output
  6. Simple 2 button interface for programming
  7. MIDI PC for storage of patches
  8. MIDI CC for direct control of each output
  9. Compact form factor — same size as the Eros pedal


Controls: Select Output, Select T/R
Power: DC 9V, >= 200 mA via jack or MIDI phantom power
Size: 4.37″ x 2.37″ x 1.22″

Quick Demo

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