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Joranalogue Audio Design

Joranalogue Add 2 Joranalogue Add 2
Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-ADD-2
PRECISION ADDER/AVERAGER2 HP | +12: 20 mA, −12: 20 mA | JORA2To any new modular system owner, the need to easily combine different voltage sources quickly becomes apparent. While a mixer is the obvious solution, these modules are not suitable for adding precise pitch control voltages (CVs) sinc..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-BIAS-2
Voltage control is the basic tenant of modular synthesis: parameters may be modulated by changing control voltages (CVs), simply by plugging in a patch cable. However, during patching it's common to encounter incompatible voltage ranges, with signal outputs and inputs having different amplitudes and..
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Joranalogue Compare 2 Joranalogue Compare 2
Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-COMPARE-2
DUAL WINDOW COMPARATOR8 HP | +12: 20 mA, −12: 15 mA | JORC2User Manual (PDF)The window comparator is a very useful circuit building block that is common in general electronics, but rarely found in modular synths. While a regular comparator activates when the input signal voltage ..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-CONTOUR-1
Slew Limiter/Function GeneratorFor decades, the voltage controlled slew limiter has been a staple of modular synthesisers. With its extreme versatility, it can be used to slew control voltages (CVs), create envelopes, as a low-frequency or audio oscillator and much more.Today, Contour 1 brings a fre..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-DELAY-1
While digital audio processors are often plagued by latency issues, analogue circuits are known for their instant response. But what if you want to delay a signal on purpose, without the use of tape or digital memory? Enter the bucket brigade delay (BBD) line: a series of capacitor ‘buckets’, which ..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-ENHANCE-2
Moving from mono to stereo sound: a logical progression for any synthesist looking to expand their sonic palette. Making use of two audio channels, rather than just one, quite literally adds another dimension to the capabilities of a synthesiser.Unfortunately, controlling stereo signals can be a cha..
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Joranalogue Filter 8 Joranalogue Filter 8
Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-FILTER-8
MULTIMODE FILTER/8-PHASE OSCILLATOR12 HP | +12: 75 mA, −12: 75 mA | JORF8User Manual (PDF) | Representing the cutting edge in modular analogue voltage controlled filter (VCF) design, Filter 8 offers more possibilities and higher fidelity in 12 HP than ever before.Starting from th..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-FOLD-6
Often considered to be the opposite of filters within a modular system, wavefolders are designed to fold a signal over itself multiple times. This generates additional harmonics, resulting in rich timbres.While there is a bewildering array of filter types within the synthesiser world, most ..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-GENERATE-3
Generate 3                                  Default Title - €0.00                           &nb..
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Joranalogue Link 2 Joranalogue Link 2
Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-LINK-2
PRECISION BUFFERED MULTIPLES2 HP | +12: 20 mA, −12: 20 mA | JORL2'Multiples' are the classic solution to a common problem in modular synthesisers: how to distribute one output signal to multiple inputs. Simple passive multiples consist of several sockets, wired together.Link 2 is a buffered mul..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-MIX-3
3+1 Channel Voltage Controlled Audio MixerBy combining a mixer and four VCAs in a single module, Mix 3 manages to provide a unique combination of compact size and functionality in just 6 HP. High-end signal paths ensure extremely low noise and distortion, wide headroom and precise gain control, desp..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: JORANALOGUE-AUDIO-MORPH-4
Modulation is the core concept of modular synthesis: parameters changing over time, adding movement and musical interest to what would otherwise be merely static sounds. Being able to control the amplitude of signals throughout a patch is therefore essential, and one can never have too many voltage ..
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