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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-AMP-MODE
The AMP MODE Boost is a MOSFET transistor boost and is the exact same circuit that is found in our best selling PRISM Preamp! Ask anyone who owns a PRISM and they'll most likely tell you that their favorite mode of the PRISM is the AMP MODE.Since we released the PRISM in 2016, we have been inundated..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-ASABI
The Mateus Asato Signature Pedal, the ASABI, is a distortion and overdrive pedal that contains a HUGE array of tones and is also the world's first pedal to feature analog distortion plug-ins!To keep things interesting on your pedalboard, we developed the technology to create replaceable distortion p..
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Jackson Audio Belle Star Jackson Audio Belle Star
Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-BELLE-STAR
"I’m proud to introduce the Belle Starr Professional OD, my signature pedal collaboration with the legendary Jackson Audio.Named after a most famous female outlaw from way back in my family line, this pedal pushes hard, runs wild but stays calculated, like she did, and in that way, embodies her rock..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-BLOOM
The BLOOM from Jackson Audio is a comprehensive dynamic engine that is designed to give guitarists maximum dynamic tonal control in ways never before possible. The BLOOM v2 – MIDI takes everything people love about our original BLOOM and updates it with MIDI!The BLOOM v2 – MIDI now offers MIDI contr..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-BLOSSOM
Introducing the BLOSSOM Optical Compressor! The BLOSSOM is a simple, and easy to use, optical compressor that takes its inspiration from the classic studio compressors of years past.Based on the green channel of the BLOOM (country mode), the BLOSSOM features the exact same compression circuitry as t..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-BROKEN-ARROW
BROKEN ARROW OVERVIEWThe BROKEN ARROW is a very flexible overdrive with 4 presets for clipping options, an innovative gain adjustment feature that we call GAIN CYCLE, and a 3 band active EQ for maximum tonal flexibility. To top it off, we added a boost circuit which is the same type of MOSFET boost ..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-FUZZ
FUZZ! The sound of rock and righteous indignation worldwide! That spitting, snarling and surly sound of rock legends past and present!The FUZZ from Jackson Audio takes faithful recreations of historic fuzz circuits and brings them together in one modular pedal that allows you to create classic fuzz ..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-FUZZ-CLASSIC
The classic Fuzz with the smiley Face! This plug-in has high gain and a tighter/crisper feel. This plug-in is perfect for the later Jimi era tones.SIMPLE TO INSTALLTo install the FUZZ MODULE, please perform the following steps:1) - Remove the back panel of the pedal using a Phillips screwdriver2) - ..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-FUZZ-PAGE
The sound of Led Zeppelin! If you like your fuzz to be completely rude and unruly, this is your fuzz! Full of snarl and spit, the FUZZ PAGE MARK II plug-takes the FUZZ and turns it into a classic rock machine!SIMPLE TO INSTALLTo install the Fuzz Module, please perform the following steps:1) - Remove..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-GOAT-HEAD-MODULE
Based on the legendary Big Muff Pi Ram's Head, the GOAT HEAD is the sound of Pink Floyd! Insane levels of fuzz and sustain are hallmarks of this circuit, but this plug-in does something that no other Big Muff can do! With the parametric EQ on the FUZZ, you can adjust the EQ so you can bring the mids..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-GOLDEN-BOY
The Golden Boy Transparent Overdrive (designed in collaboration with Joey Landreth) is the most versatile and transparent overdrive ever made.Rich in harmonic detail and overflowing with headroom, the Golden Boy redefines the concept of transparent overdrive and brings it up to date with modern feat..
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Jackson Audio Large Mouse Analogue Plug-In Jackson Audio Large Mouse Analogue Plug-In
Brand: Jackson Audio Model: JACKSON-LARGE-MOUSE
Inspired by your favorite rodent based distortion, the Large Mouse Analog Plug-In captures all the snarl and spit of the legendary subway dwelling rodent and allows you to upgrade your Asabi with an entirely new voice!With 4 available clipping presets and our exclusive Gain Cycle technology, the LAR..
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