Intellijel Designs Zeroscope 1U

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Almost unsurpassable small and very practical oscilloscope. And inexpensive on top of that. The Intellijel Zeroscope is a license of the VPME Zeroscope and shrinks it to Intellijel's 1U format. In terms of functionality it is almost identical.


The Zeroscope has two inputs CH1 and CH2, which are normalized to the two outputs. The inputs are DC-coupled and accept signals from -10 to +10V. The operating modes are Scope-, XY- and (very practical) Tune-Mode. Reachable and editable with a pushencoder. The display is small, but always easy to read.

Scope - Standard single or dual channel oscilloscope. Time is displayed on the X-axis, voltage on the Y-axis.

X-Y - here CH1 is placed on the X axis and CH2 on the Y axis. Depending on the ratio of the two signals, interesting patterns result (Lissajous figures).

Tune - the display shows the frequency of a channel in Hz or as note name.

In Scope mode, the grid can be adjusted over a wide range. Between 10µsec and 10sec for the X-axis (time) and 0.5V to 10V for the Y-axis (voltage). The grid can also be switched off. So that the display of two channels does not always overlap, both CH1 and CH2 can be moved up or down (by +/-10V) with the CH OFFSET function. CH1 or CH2 can be defined as trigger source in order to "snap" the view correctly. The threshold value can be set between +/-10V, since the rising or the falling edge of the input signal can be taken into account.

2 inputs (DC-coupled)
2 outputs (normalized to inputs)
1U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 26mm deep
current draw: 8mA at +12V and 0mA at -12V