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Green Amps TarPit Green Amps TarPit
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16085
The TarPit Integrated Circuit Fuzz Machine is the newest release from Greer Amps. This pedal was created out of the desire to have the sound and feel of a vintage Muff style fuzz, with grit, and grind that will sustain for days. Based on the vintage Big Muff Pi variant that utilizes two integrated c..
Ex Tax:193.28€
Greer Amps Black Tiger
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16087
The Black Tiger features an analog signal path, with a digital delay repeater circuit.“The Black Tiger is rad. Best non-analog, analog sounding delay I've ever played. The decay on it is perfect. It's warm, but then gets grainy as it trails off, like a good analog delay.” --J. Murty“Such a wicked so..
Ex Tax:189.08€
Greer Amps Gorilla Warfare MKII
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16095
We’ve all had those late nights, filled with loud music, questionable decisions, and the occasional run-in with a big, beastly monster that wants to rip our faces off…right? Well…this is that night, in pedal form. The Gorilla Warfare MKII is a pedal that we have had a ton of requests for over the ye..
Ex Tax:184.87€
Greer Amps Lamplighter
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16090
The very idea for the Lamplighter Optical Compressor is rooted in legendary tone and studio lore. The Lamplighter is the result of countless hours of tweaking, listening, and tweaking again. The idea is pretty simple—provide compression that doesn’t “step” on your tone like other compressors do, mak..
Ex Tax:210.08€
Greer Amps Lightspeed
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16096
The Lightspeed Organic Overdrive is a very natural sounding overdrive. Why "organic"?  Well, simply put, it's the clearest, most natural feeling, and best overdrive we've heard for the player looking for a natural drive tone.  Blending with the tone of the guitar and amplifier, this pedal ..
Ex Tax:184.87€
Greer Amps Moonshot Greer Amps Moonshot
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16088
The Greer Amps Moonshot is our take on a true classic circuit. This pedal is inspired by vintage Germanium preamp circuits of days gone past. Featuring two controls, the Moonshot has a great tonal range, and can provide wonderful texture, when pushing the front end of an amplifier. The Treble/Mid co..
Ex Tax:155.46€
Greer Amps Royal Velvet Greer Amps Royal Velvet
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16097
Greer Amps expands the XFR line with a new offering!  The Royal Velvet Class-A British Drive and Pre nails the feel and tone of two of Nick Greer’s favorite amps. Imagine a world in which a V*x 30 watter and a Greer Thunderbolt30 got together. In that world, you’d end up with a sound machine mu..
Ex Tax:189.08€
Greer Amps Soma 63 Vintage Preamp Greer Amps Soma 63 Vintage Preamp
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16094
A brave new world of tone, the SOMA ‘63 Vintage Preamp is the first pedal in the XFR series of pedals from Greer Amps. The SOMA ’63 is a true vintage preamp, based on the tone and feel of vintage brown era amplifiers from California. This pedal simulates the entire preamp, phase inverter, power sect..
Ex Tax:218.49€
Greer Amps Southland Harmonic
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16092
The Southland Harmonic Overdrive is built on the Lightspeed Organic Overdrive platform, we have developed what we believe to be the best overdrive on the market.  The Lightspeed was built with the specific purpose of being a light to mild overdrive.  The Southland is the next logical step ..
Ex Tax:184.03€
Greer Amps Special Request Greer Amps Special Request
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16089
The Special Request is a true tone enhancer. This pedal is a single knob boost, but there’s so much more going on with it.The Special Request features a moderate amount of boost, and is based on the circuitry that is found in some of the world’s most expensive amplifiers. You know which on..
Ex Tax:138.66€
Greer Amps Supa Cobra
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16091
The Greer Amps Supa Cobra is a versatile and touch sensitive overdrive.  The Supa Cobra offers the user incredible flexibility in a small form factor, with natural, amp like breakup and sensitivity.  The 3 position toggle allows for flexibility in the clipping style and texture.&..
Ex Tax:192.44€
Greer Amps Super Hornet
Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16086
The Super Hornet has been a long time in the making…at least in Nick’s mind. Based on one very special FOXX Tone Machine in Nick’s collection, this pedal is a shop favorite when it comes to fuzz and anything octave. We took the basic building blocks of the vintage circuit, tweaked it, put a little b..
Ex Tax:209.24€
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