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Flame Fire Drum Synth Module

Flame Fire Drum Synth Module
Flame Fire Drum Synth Module
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FIRE is a full blown 8 track drum & percussion synth,
also capable of much more than just drums.

9 different digital synthesis algorithms (virtual analog, FM, T-Bridge, etc - more to come!) can be assigned freely to each of the 8 tracks. If you feel like 8 kicks there you go.
Via its 8 dedicated knobs a plethora of parameters can be mangled directly -
but also via the 8 cv inputs on the expander.

On the main module you’ll find the midi inputs (you can use both at the same time!) as well as 3 single outs plus stereo main out and last but not least two global user cv inputs to morph between kits and various other duties.

FIRE comes with a 6hp expander sporting 8 analog trigger ins, 8 analog cv ins and 3 additional audio outputs for a total of 8 outs, which makes it especially suited for live and studio use. The expander comes with a 60cm cable, so you can place it wherever you like to avoid cable cluster.

There’s always an A & B version of each sound, so you can morph between these two versions - either within a single instrument or the entire kit. Global volume and output adjustment as well as panning are also available. Via the user cv ins on the expander you can modulate almost every parameter plus you get velocity, panning, morphing and volume via Midi (cc).

FIRE holds 128 kits and an independent 30 user presets per algorithm.
Via Midi you can also backup, restore and swap kits.
Kits can also be changed via Midi program change.
Updates, manuals, Kits & more:

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