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Erica Synths Black Stereo Reverb

The Erica Synths Black Reverb is a versatile hi-fi stereo FX module with lots of unique features based on our custom DSP engine. The reverb sources are selectable Tape, BBD and "dirty BBD" digital; emulations with three modes, each – Room, Hall and Cathedral. Delicate room size control, feedback, feedback tone and stereo spin controls allow for designing extremely delicate reverberation effects. CV control over various parameters and the ability to save up to 10 presets will make this module an integral part of any performance rack.


  • Reverb based on Tape, BBD and digital delay lines
  • Three room sizes
  • Manual and triggered FREEZE with 1V/oct tracking
  • 10 preset patches
  • CV control over size, feedback, tone, dry/wet mix and preset selection
  • Adjustable stereo spin
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