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Emma Electronic

Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120107
Orange Is The New Black, AgainThe original DiscumBOBulator was often heralded as being the world’s best autowah/envelope filter pedal. So how do you improve a pedal that’s already flawlessly funky? Well, start out by making the filter-triggering even better and extend the dynamic range and feel. Now..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120108
Plot a course of discovery to new sonic territories with the Navigator Delay from EMMA Electronic.The Navigator is the pinnacle of elegant simplicity – it offers everything you need in a delay pedal, and nothing you don’t.  Tap-tempo, modulation, beat-splits, trails, wet/dry outputs –..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120179
Subsonic Power PunchJust when you think you’ve seen and heard it all in an over flooded pedal market, from the deep rises a bass behemoth so crushingly brutal that it makes Godzilla look like the easter bunny. The Okto Nøjs takes your signal and turns it into pure subsonic fire. It spits and sputter..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120180
The Sonic Boom!The OnoMATOpoeia is basically a sonic super hero. Clean boost by day, dirty overdrive by night, and with some serious superpowers hidden up its sleeve. It’s the secret sauce your pour on your tone when you want that extra Oomph! That extra Kapow! It’s what you kick in when you need yo..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120181
Beauty In BrutalityYou may have guessed it already, solely based on the looks of the PisdiYAUwot, this beast was made for METAL! The gain stage is raw and brutal yet extremely clear and defined. The EQ options are staggeringly versatile to say the least. The sound? Earthshakingly awesome! Chords, fa..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120182
Ready To Rock!ReezaFRATzitz is your golden ticket to distortion dreamland. Chock-full of roaring amp-like dirt tones, this pedal and its highly versatile controls will put some serious sizzle into your sound. From bluesy growls to grinding and screaming distortion, ReezaFRATzitz is sure to supply yo..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120183
The Pride And Joy Of OverdriveStinkBug is the embodiment of everything you’ve come to expect of a great overdrive and then some. It spits out warm amp-like drive tones and just adds that lovely touch of mid-presence that’ll make you cut through a mix like nobody’s business. But… and this is a good b..
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Brand: Emma Electronic Model: 120184
Feel The Force!TransMORGrifier takes everything you know and love about old analog stompbox compressors, and adds some nice modern improvements to the tonal equation. Meaning, you can get the squish and the squash without having to sacrifice the natural body of your core tone. From transparent studi..
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