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Doepfer A-190-4 Midi/USB SYNC Interface

A-190-4 is the replacement for module A-190-1 which is no longer avaiulable. The functions of A-190-1 and A-190-4 are nearly the same (Midi In, Midi Out, CV1, CV2, Gate, Clock, Reset). But the operation of the A-190-4 has been improved because a 3-digit LED display is available. The current values of all parameters (like Midi channel, reference note, clock divider) can be read back and modified by means of up/down buttons. In addition A-190-4 is equipped with an USB interface and the external +5V supply is no longer available. Consequently the additional charges for the 5V adapter fall away.

The module width is the same for A-190-1 and A-190-4. In the A-100 basic systems the A-190-1 will be replaced by the A-190-4 from about May 2014.

A detailed description of the module will follow soon.

For more detailed information please look at the user's guide: A190_4_man.pdf

Additional information:
The Scale (SCA) and Tune (TUn) parameters remain unchanged when the module is initialized ! Otherwise the initialization would overwrite the adjusted values. Because of the tolerances of electrical parts there are no fixed values for SCA and TUn which are valid for all modules. The values for SCA and TUn differ a bit from module to module because of the tolerances of electrical parts. In case that the module has been adjusted totally wrong: typical values are 100 for SCA (coarse) and 55 for TUn (coarse).

Breite/Width: 10 TE / 10 HP / 50.5 mm
Tiefe/Depth: 30 mm (gemessen ab der Rückseite der Frontplatte / measured from the rear side of the front panel)

Strombedarf/Current: +200mA (+12V) / -40mA (-12V)
Hinweis: Der Strombedarf schwankt zwischen ca. 80 und 200 mA, je nachdem wieviele Segmente des Displays aufleuchten. 200 mA ist der maximale Wert bei Anzeige "888".
Note: The supply current fluctuates between about 80 and 200 mA according the number of illuminated segments of the display. 200 mA corresponds to the worst case "888".