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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-CALI
The Cali oscillator is a new and improved version of the classic Buchla 258 wave shaping oscillator with an additional pulse width modulated output. The oscillator features the classic Sine to Square and Sine to Saw wave shaping with dedicated CV control. The Cali Oscillator differs from previous ve..
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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-DYNAMICS
The Dannysound Dynamics is a compressor / expander originally designed to process drums but like most processing devices, it can be used for a wide variety of applications.The module comprises of:·      Compressor / Expander·      Sub Bass ..
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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-EN129
The EN129 Thru Zero Oscillator is an all analogue triangle-core VCO specialising in frequency modulation. Analogue through-zero FM modulation produces a wide array of timbres particularly useful for bell like or percussive sounds. Through zero linear frequency modulation can be precisely dialled in ..
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The Looping VC-ADSR is a 4-stage, loop-able, envelope generator based on the ENVGEN 8C IC from Electric Druid. The individual sections of the Envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Level and Time) can all be individually controlled via CV.The module has 5 MODES of operation that can be selected ..
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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-MML-FILTER
The updated "skiff friendly" design of the MML Filter now features bipolar "attenu-verters" for the CV controls as well as an all new RED MODE!This new mode activates a feedback distortion circuit capable of actually changing the pitch of the notes coming in to the filter in a musical way that adds ..
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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-TIMBRE
The updated version of the Timbre has a completely re-designed control section and much slimmer "skiff friendly" depth, plus LED indication for wave fold amount!The Timbre is a 6HP Eurorack module based on the wave folder section of the Buchla 259 oscillator as implemented in the Music Easel. The wa..
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Brand: Dannysound Model: DANNYSOUND-VU-METERS
The Dannysound VU Meters is designed to be used with 2 x Dynamics modules. The modules connect internally via 2x3 pin ribbon cables. The meters provide a visual representation of various signals within the Dynamics modules making settings easier.Controls For Each Channel:3 position toggle switch:1.&..
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