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Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone

Cyclone is an all analog phaser effect voiced after classic phaser designs of the past. We set out to emulate the phasing notches – frequency shifts and the behavior of the original unit that each of the voicings is modelled after. With the addition of extra controls, not part of the classic designs, a whole range of classic and non-classic uses become available making it an ideal texture machine with unparalleled harmonic richness.

Besides guitar and bass, it can be used on any instrument and works particularly well with classic keyboard sounds.

Place before or after your favorite drive to create different sound effect and texture.


45: Voiced after a classic 2 stage phaser born in mid 70s

Add spacy ambience to your sound with this subtle and musical effect somewhere between

a warm, organic phaser and a rotary speaker effect.

We strongly suggest higher depth settings on this voicing.

90: Voiced after a classic 4 stage phaser from the 70s.

From subtle warm, shimmering modulation to all-out high velocity swoosh.

The original units and their alterations/derivatives had little or no feedback signal at all. With the addition of the feedback knob you can emulate all these different versions and then some.

ST: Voiced after the 1st implementation of another classic 4 stage phaser design of the 70s.

Stronger and dirtier mid frequency notches for a whirling, pulsating and whooshing phaser effect. The original unit had a switch to select between no feedback and a fixed amount of feedback. With the addition of the feedback knob you can emulate all the in-between settings and more.

LT: Mesmerising phaser/vibrato. Voiced after a highly sought-after boutique phaser pedal that came to life during the 90s in the UK with 4 distinct phase shift notches. Takes an ideal space between a phaser and a vibe type of effect (depending on settings). Our take focuses mainly on the classic phaser/vibe, not the extreme sci-fi, sounds that were available from.