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Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay

Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay
Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay
Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay
Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay
Alexander Pedals History Lesson V3 Delay
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The History Lesson Vol.3 is our loving homage to the best echoes the past has to offer.

We’ve included our favourite echo and delay sounds ranging back over 60 years. We focused on vintage tech like tape echo, analog “bucket brigade” delay, and digital time manipulation. You’ll find a host of familiar sounds in the History Lesson Vol.3 as well as great new tones to help you sculpt your music.

We’ve also updated the pedal with our usual Neo Series magic, adding presets, MIDI, expres- sion control, and extra functionality for each mode.

Plug in and turn some knobs with us on our journey through the past!

History Lesson Vol. 3 features six delay modes, covering delays past, present, and future.

The maximum delay time is approximately 900ms in each mode.


MAG Magnetic tape-flavored echo. Use the Mod rate and depth knobs to set the amount of tape warble and crinkle.

BBD Solid-state analog delay. Mod rate and depth control a variable chorus modulation.

DIG Squeaky-clean digital delay. Mod rate and depth control a direct delay modulation.

LOFI Dirty analog delay. Use the Tone knob to adjust the amount of grit and distortion on the echo. Mod rate and depth control a chorus modulation.

4HD Four-head tape echo. Use the Mod depth knob to select from 8 head patterns.

FLT Filtered 12-bit rack-style delay. Use the Tone knob to control a synth-style filter. Mod depth controls a pitch detune for gleaming ‘80s style thickening.


Four built-in presets give you quadruple the tones in a single footprint. Add a MIDI controller for 16 presets.


Seamlessly morph between different knob settings on the fly using the Neo Footswitch, or MIDI controller.


Connect an expression pedal, Neo Footswitch, or MIDI controller to this jack to add performance control to your pedal.


Tap the left footswitch for tap tempo. Hold the left footswitch to select the Tap Tempo Subdivision..


Set the pedal trails from 0-10 seconds. The pedal will automatically perform a smooth fade at your chosen time.


Tap this button to select a new sound mode. Hold it down to access the alternate knob functions (listed in parentheses).


Every knob and setting on the pedal is controllable using MIDI. Connect using the MultiJack and our Neo Link or directly to any Disaster Area Gen3 controller.


Every Neo Series pedal features a USB port for MIDI control and firmware updates.

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