Sonocurrent M T2D

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The Sonocurrent M T2D dual triode distortion is a tube-based distortion module for the Eurorack format, with two independent channels which can be used in series for heavier distortion or patched separately for stereo or multiple sources. Spectral tilt filters at the inputs can alternately boost/cut high or low frequencies before the triode gain stage, and also influence the feedback loops around the tube. Independent control of input level, tube bias, feedback level, and dry/wet blend is available for each channel, with CV inputs for the bias and blend controls. A global plate voltage switch offers two different character options, for either higher headroom or more severe clipping. The module design also emphasizes ergonomics and a clear, logical layout so the artist can focus on sound creation without feeling hindered by the physical interface.

Product feature list:

• two channels of tube-based distortion; in series (input 2 normalled to output 1), or parallel
• spectral tilt filter at input of each channel, with manual control of tilt amount/direction
• manual pre-triode attenuation control for each channel
• independent feedback loops for each channel, with manual attenuation; self- oscillation is possible at the highest settings
• independent manual and voltage control of tube bias for each channel
• independent manual and voltage control of final dry/wet signal blend for each channel
• selectable plate voltage (global), for lower clipping point and more signal breakup with feedback

Developed by Sonocurrent with circuit design and PCB layout by Eric Schlappi.