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Malekko 8NU8R Dual Analogue Attenuator Malekko 8NU8R Dual Analogue Attenuator
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 11080
DUAL ANALOG ATTENUATOR MODULEThe Malekko 8NU8R is a clever utility. A dual 4hp attenuator, the 8NU8R also sports the ability to switch on diode rectification waveshaping. Regular attenuation, as well as full and half wave rectification with adjustable attenuation are possible. When no input is prese..
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Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13710
HARMONIC OCTAVE ANALOG FUZZ DISTORTION PEDALThe Malekko Barker ASSMASTER is inspired by the original Maestro Bass Brassmaster octave fuzz pedal. Hand-built by us, this modern version delivers the same octave overdrive/harmonic generation effect in a quiet, fully controllable pedal. The 5 controls p..
Ex Tax:251.26€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13707
Charlie Foxtrot Digital Buffer/Granular Pedal Signature For Peter Holmström Charlie Foxtrot is a digital buffer/granular pedal with both auto-capture and manual-capture of the input signal. Playback and capture can be manipulated through several parameters: The six knobs control ..
Ex Tax:200.84€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13711
MALEKKO OMICRON SERIES ANALOG CHORUS PEDALWe are super happy to introduce “CHORUS”, the Malekko Omicron Series analog chorus pedal.For those knowledgeable on the subject, the long since discontinued MN3007 IC’s result in a much nicer sound than it’s little brother, the MN3207. The MN3007 are coveted..
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Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13501
CV/Gate is an expander module for Malekko Sync (connects via 6-pin cable included). Malekko SYNC sends incoming MIDI information or trigger information to CV/GATE expander outputs in 3 selectable modes (Mono, Poly and Drum Trigger Modes).Features include:4 sets of CV/Gate connections3 way mode switc..
Ex Tax:112.10€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13502
4HP DIN/SYNC EXPANDER MODULE FOR MALEKKO SYNCDIN SYNC is an 4 output expander module with selectable divide (1,2,4) for use with Malekko SYNC. Connects to SYNC via 6-pin cable (included).? mA +12V? mA -12V? mA 5V..
Ex Tax:87.90€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13714
Ekko 616 650ms Analog Delay PedalFor years, Malekko has been synonymous with the best quality BBD delays available. Today the evolution continues with the EKKO 616 MKII, a full featured yet compact delay with external modulation controls, an optional buffer, internal level pot and 650ms of pure anal..
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Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13713
650MS ANALOG LOFI DELAY PEDALThe Legendary Lofi delay is back! Starting with the 616 MKII platform, we’ve “improved” this lofi edition a quantifiable 37% over the original! That’s huge! I mean, why would you want your delay to repeat the input accurately? How boring! Trust me, this pedal is incredib..
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Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 99998
FETISH is a 2-stage class A preamp boost and overdrive fuzz pedal. Like other WOLFTONE pedals it is extremely responsive to a player’s dynamics. Single or humbucking pickups are still clearly heard and articulated and you can easily modulate between light or heavy distortion using picking dynamics. ..
Ex Tax:170.16€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13702
Helium MKII Octave pedal sanctioned by Todd WolfgramA brief history of the Wolftone pedals: in the early 2000’s, our friends Studio Electronics released two superb Todd Wolfgram designed effect pedals, the Wolftone HELIUM and Wolftone CHAOS. These pedals have since earned almost mythical status due ..
Ex Tax:158.82€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 11098
INVERT MIX2HP INVERT MIXFULL DESCRIPTIONINVERT MIXInvert Mix Eurorack module including 3 audio or DC inputs, 3 inverted outputs as well as an inverted sum and non-inverted sum outs. Invert waveforms, envelopes etc.3×3 signal invertersinverted and non-inverted sum/outputsAudio and DC signal support2h..
Ex Tax:105.04€
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 13708
LIL BUDDY EXPANDERLil Buddy is an expander footswitch for the Sneak Attack. Use it for tap tempo and/or triggering envelopes. Requires TRS (STEREO) 1/4″ cable. Simply plug it into the external input jack of Sneak Attack and stomp!No power needed: just plug n' play. Requires TRS (STEREO) 1/4" cable...
Ex Tax:37.82€
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