Make Noise

Black & Gold Shared System Plus on back order

The Shared System re-made in Black & Gold w/ the Erbe-Verb, Morphagene, TEMPI, and CV Bus added ..


Make Noise 10 hp blind panel

Newer Style 10hp Blank Module does not draw current 3 mm deep ..


Make Noise 15cm Patch cables 5 pack pink

Set with five quality patchcords 15cm long. Color: bright pink. ..


Make Noise 1hp panel

Blind Panel 1HP Module does not draw current ..


Make Noise 20 Pack Assorted Patch Cables(black,purple-gray,blue&white)

A 20 pack of 3.5mm patch cables from Make Noise in assorted colors!Includes:5 x 6" purple patch cabl..


Make Noise 20hp blind panel

20hp Blank Panel Module does not draw current 3 mm deep ..


Make Noise 3u Powered Skiff Modular Case

In 2009 Tony designed the first Skiff to complement the vertically oriented cases available at the t..


Make Noise 4hp blind panel

Newer Style 4hp Blank Module does not draw current 3 mm deep ..


Make Noise 6hp blind panel

Newer Style 6hp Blank Module does not draw current 3 mm deep ..


Make Noise 7U CV Bus Case

A compact and sturdy featherweight – The Make Noise 7U case is made entirely out of steel. It comes ..


Make Noise Brains

BRAINS is a clocked sequential binary event machine. It is designed to be connected to one or two Pr..


Make Noise Contour

4-Stage Envelope Generator CONTOUR is a 4 Stage function generator, or ADSR, derived from our 0-C..


Make Noise DPO

A voltage controlled oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms. Expanding on the classic ..


Make Noise Dynamix

Non-vactrol LPG DYNAMIX is a fast two-channel Low Pass Gate, dynamics manager and mixer, the core..


Make noise Echophon

Pitch Shifting Echo with smooth Time Modulation, Tempo Sync, saturating Feedback and a unique Pitch ..


Make Noise Erbe Verb

The Erbe-Verb is more than a collection of reverb algorithms or presets, it is a unique, modeless, c..