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Xaoc Devices Batumi LFO Xaoc Devices Batumi LFO
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19010
1974 Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator• 4 voltage controlled LFOs in one package• free, quadrature, phase and divide modes• assignable waveform outputs• assignable reset/tap tempo inputs• zoom mode for precise frequency setting• USB conenctor for alternate firmware• reversed power protectionhttp://..
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Xaoc Devices Belgrad Filter Xaoc Devices Belgrad Filter
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19004
1976 Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter10 distinct frequency responses,vocal formant capability,advanced resonance control,nonlinear feedback and cross-modulation,self-oscillation,callibrated V/oct input,temp. compensation mA +12V42 mA -12V0 mA 5V20 mm de..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19009
Impulse IntegratorBytom is a simple – yet very useful – utility module that allows you to combine various trigger/gate signal sources to obtain interesting rhythmic events ? useful for sequencing, modulation and patch ?automation? purposes. It can also be used for summing control voltages of a posit..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19002
1989 Binary Conversion KomputorDrezno consists of a flexible ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that can be cross-patched, or used independently. It offers:digital manipulation of analog signals and voltagesconverting slowly changing voltages to 8 rhytmic gatesco..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120466
BINARY PHASE AKKUMULATORMODEL OF 1989DESCRIPTIONErfurt is a bi-directional digital counter, frequency divider, and a component of our 8-bit Leibniz Binary Subsystem. It has multiple applications: the output of the counter may be used as a phase source driving a digital wavetable, connected to other ..
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Xaoc Devices Gera
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 100490
Gera is a component of the Leibniz subsystem that allows masking individual bits of the digital data by the use of logical AND operation. It features 8 individual gate inputs that affect the individual bits of data, as well as 8 illuminated tact switches for manual inverting of each control inp..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 99741
1975 Polyphony CommanderHel is a simple, universal expander for polyphonic oscillator modules from Xaoc Devices, such as Odessa.It allows to freely control up to five voices of polyphony via individual Volt/octave inputs. mA +12V0 mA -12V0 mA 5V..
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Xaoc Devices HRAD
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 35274
1968 Mixing Console CommanderExpander for Xaoc Praga mixer moduleCV inputs for controlling AUX sendsTwo stereo AUX return attenuatorsFour insert points for AUX sendsMain volume control with level indicatorSwitchable Euro/line level outputsHeadphone driver with additional cue inputGate inputs for cha..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 99155
1989 Binary TransfunctionerThe new component of the Leibniz Subsystem which operates on signals and voltages through manipulating binary 8-bit numbers. Jena connects to the Drezno module in a loopback. A binary transfunctioner maps input functions (eg. waveshapes) to some other functions through the..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19005
1977 Analog Resonant Phase Rotator4/6-stage phaser inspired by the iconic 70s unitssimultaneous 4 and 6 stages outputsonboard voltage controlled wide range LFOadditional external modulation inputinternal modulation outputtwo feedback modesexpandable by chaining up more Kamieniec units for multi-stag..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 96741
Stereo Variable Band IsolatorKatowice is a stereo variable–band isolator that allows the user to manipulate a selected range of frequencies. It is the first module in a series of upcoming Xaoc Devices products designed specifically for processing stereo signals. Katowice splits the stereo input sign..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 11273
STEREO VC FREQUENCY SHIFTOR MODEL OF 1964DESCRIPTIONKoszalin is a stereo frequency shifter (2 ins/4 outs) offering both quasi-exponential and linear frequency modulation as well as full stereo feedback under voltage control. Frequency shifting results in a linear translation of the signal spectrum, ..
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