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Tc Electronic

Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 10851
The Cinders is a tube-like overdrive pedal with a slight mid-hump to give you those TS Style tones. It's great to push the front end of a tube amp or to stack with other drive pedals.Top-mounted jacksThe top-mounted jacks make these pedals easier to use on a pedalboard where you're trying to save sp..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 99498
Spring reverb is still found in a lot of high-end amps but few people would probably think to go out and pick up a dedicated spring reverb pedal - if you love classic surf sounds and want a reverb that'll add just the right amount of watery space to your tone, check out the Drip Spring!With three si..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 120563
Sporting a classic, all-analog, bucket-brigade design, ECHOBRAIN ANALOG DELAY is the ultimate and affordable choice for vintage effects aficionados. ECHOBRAIN ANALOG DELAY puts all the warm vintage echoes and gorgeous runaway delays you’ve been searching for, right at your feet in a rugged and compa..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 99499
The choir of angels effect! Shimmer reverbs turn a single note on your guitar into a cavernous expanse filled with a thousand voices singing in harmony. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but you get the picture!As with the rest of the Sonic Specialist range, the Flourescence boasts simple co..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 10850
The Grand Magus offers tube-like distortion and overdrive tones and will give rock n' roll in a box. More than mild overdrive but not quite as will as wild as a metal pedal, this is the perfect middle ground for rockers.Top-mounted jacksThe top-mounted jacks make these pedals easier to use on a..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 120562
The original HALL OF FAME REVERB delivered some of the most-iconic reverb sounds of all time, but HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB extends that legacy of innovation dramatically. Essentially, HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB’s incredible MASH technology adds an expression pedal to a world-class reverb stompbox that not o..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 99784
The TC Electronic Hall of Fame is among the most acclaimed reverb pedals of all time. Incredible pro-grade sound, great value for money, rugged build quality. Now TC have given it the X4 treatment; a quadruple-threat of ambience that looks set to make waves in the pedal world!Key featuresTonePrint-e..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 18000
When TC Electronic introduced the HyperGravity Compressor back in 2015, it caught the attention of many guitar players. Its affordable price-point and versatile control set made it instantly popular, and now they have introduced a Mini version!Pedalboard-friendly:Mini pedals have been a recent pheno..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 10813
The Rush booster is a single knob booster pedal giving up to 20dB of transparent clean boost perfect for guitar solos or pushing the front end of a valve amp a bit harder. Top-mounted JacksThe top-mounted jacks make these pedals easier to use on a pedalboard where you're trying to save space. Y..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 00242
The TC Helicon SWITCH 3 FOOTSWITCH For Tc Helicon Range. The TC Helicon SWITCH 3 FOOTSWITCH has all-metal construction, making it durable and portable. It also includes the connnector cable. With Switch-3 you get remote control of such features as: Bypass, Harmony Mute, Preset Up, Pre..
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Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 10695
Control your toneWith 3 dials (Intensity, volume and speed) and a choice of vibrato or chorus settings you can dial in exactly the tone you need. The Viscious Vibe also comes with true bypass to help your tone shine through with no loss of high end.TC Electronic pedals sound great, they’re designed ..
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