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Subdecay TremCoder
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99859
Feature rich Stereo Tremolo/Sequencer that keeps it simple.The TremCoder gives you options but won’t require a masters degree in modular synth madness to operate. A variety of LFOs drive a stereo tremolo/panner and lock into your groove with tap tap tempo.But wait, where’s the tap tempo switch? Exte..
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Brand: Subdecay Model: 99725
Harmonic and Bias tremolo in one unit.Envelope speed control – Pick attack can slow down or speed up the tremolo by using the drift knob.Dedicated external volume knob helps make up for perceived volume loss.Speed and intensity go beyond classic amp design limitations for maximum throb and..
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Brand: Subdecay Model: 99714
Vector OverviewSometimes you just want to get things done.Hauling multiple amps around isn’t fun. Tearing up your pedalboard to record a fleeting inspiration just slows you down.Enter the Vector Analog Preamp. It’s like eleven pedals in one, but without all the gimmicky features that often make “mul..
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Brand: Subdecay Model: 99720
Tracking modes create musical harmonic structures in any key.Turn tracking off for classic fixed carrier sounds.Easy to dial in live, or extend ring modulation range with the entropy switch.Ring modulation is a particularly mathy effect and challenging to describe. “Multiplying two signals creating ..
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