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Subdecay Echobox v2
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99721
Delay time modulation with full control over speed and depth.Self oscillating echo with regen knob turned past 3:00Trails when bypassed with the toggle on the front where it belongs.The instant atmosphere echo pedal.Inspired by many effects of the past, the Echobox captures sounds that straddle..
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Subdecay Harmonic Antagonizer
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99722
For use with electric guitar, bass, drum machines, groove boxes or just about anything that will make a sound. The Harmonic Antagonzier is a fuzz, oscillator and noise making machine.Fuzz and glitch oscillator create a wide variety of out of this world tones.Fuzz circuit is constantly pushing a..
Ex Tax:178.99€
Subdecay Liquid Sunshine
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99723
An overdrive for guitarists needing their amp to sound great at any volume. The all jFet design stacks well with other overdrives, pushes your tube amp for more sustain, and most importantly sounds great on its own through a clean amp at any volume.Many users of the original Liquid Sunshine describe..
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Brand: Subdecay Model: 99819
M3 3 oscillator monophonic guitar synthesizerMonophonic Guitar SynthesizerBased on the Korg MS-20, the M3 brings the sounds of 70s monophonic synthesizers without the modular complications.Instead of dual oscillators, the M3 employs 3 digitally controlled oscillators for super fat synth sounds that ..
Ex Tax:189.08€
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99724
An analog synth pedal that actually sounds like… A SYNTH.The Octasynth’s origins date back to the early days of Subdecay and our love of old analog synth tone.  Over the course of six years this effect was designed and redesigned more a dozen times until we got everything right – Perfection is ..
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Brand: Subdecay Model: 99818
The first ever guitar synth with octave modulationSo what the heck is octave modulation? The octave theory seamlessly crossfades between octaves. Paired with an awesome filter this creates a multitude of possibilities. like 8 bit chiptune sounds, classic guitar synth, super sub bass tones and the wo..
Ex Tax:189.08€
Subdecay Prometheus DLX
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99716
More than an envelope filter.Once again we’ve knocked the world of filter pedals off its axis. Autowah, envelope filter, step filter, random sample/hold filter, even a pixelated envelope filter. This one does it all.The most versatile filter pedal on Earth just got better.After a year in develo..
Ex Tax:307.56€
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99717
Envelope and sample/hold filter in one compact pedal.All analog signal path.Digital control for tap tempo and switching between envelope and random sample/hold filtering.Simple and easy to controls making it perfect for live use.Envelope and Sample Hold FilterThe Proteus mkII – Our plug and play fil..
Ex Tax:175.63€
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99719
Quasar DLX – Deluxe PhaserTap tempo phaser with 8 ratio settings for easy set up live.Dual action speed control in manual mode. Turn the speed knob all the way up and then back for faster speeds in to the audio range.11 LFO shapes make phasing go from classic to discombobulated with endless pos..
Ex Tax:234.45€
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99713
Multi-mode PhaserThe Quasar v4 offers eleven modes paired with a simple control surface. An abundance of non-traditional options are on tap. Rhythmic modulation patterns. Sci-fi discombobulation. Envelope speed control.Traditional phaser and rotary tones are in the box too, but you want more, right?..
Ex Tax:186.56€
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99718
All analog flanging based on bucket brigade technology. (MN3207)6 synth inspired LFO shapes.Redesigned for more headroom & warmer tone ranging from nearly transparent to over the top.Manual and Depth control add new versatility.No volume dropVintage Flanger tone, modern versatilit..
Ex Tax:175.63€
Subdecay Super Spring Theory
Brand: Subdecay Model: 99715
Spring Reverb Plus.Spring reverb and bonus “room” reverb mode.Decay control to dampen or expand reverb.Retain your tone with all analog clean signal path.Trails option when bypassedSeparate controls for the reverb and dry signal levels.Redesigned preamp for tube like dynamics and feel.Tone control f..
Ex Tax:195.80€
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