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Strymon AA.1
Brand: Strymon Model: 36288
Level shifter for external pedal effectsAA.1 converts eurorack signal levels to guitar levels by -18dB. When the signal comes back out of the pedal, it gets amplified by +18dB.featuring stereo ins & outs.This module makes it easy to combine your guitar pedals with your modular setup without any ..
Ex Tax:125.21€
Strymon Magneto
2-3 Days
Brand: Strymon Model: 36289
Interstellar Space Machine.Create expansive soundscapes and evolving, otherworldly tones. Add layers upon layers of harmonic and rhythmic complexity within an enveloping stereo field. Infuse your rack with vintage warmth and retrofuturistic soul.Tape Delay, Looper, And More.Packed with powerful feat..
Ex Tax:506.03€
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