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Brand: Roland Model: 11179
Moog Mother Patch Cable 30 cm 6 Pieces..
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Brand: Roland Model: 15509
The Roland DK-01 Boutique Dock is a specially designed case for mounting your Roland Boutique module (i.e. JP-08, JU-06, JX-03, A-01, VP-03). Rather than just lying flat on your desk, the DK-01 allows you to dock the module in place, where it can then be used in a flat position, or tilted to a choic..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:50.42€
Roland Boutique K-25M USB Keyboard Roland Boutique K-25M USB Keyboard
Brand: Roland Model: 15503
Roland K-25M USB MIDI Keyboard, 25-Key The Roland K-25m is a 25-key, velocity sensitive keyboard designed for use with the Roland Boutique series. Measuring less than 12" across, the K-25m acts as a dock for any Roland Boutique module, and once in place the module can be tilted at two different a..
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Brand: Roland Model: 11157
Roland JD-XA Crossover Synthesizer The Roland JD-XA is a unique crossover synth that brings together analog warmth and digital versatility in one super-creative, no-compromise instrument. First, there's a four-part, all-analog monster with true analog filters and a direct dry output. Next up is a..
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Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synthesizer Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synthesizer
Brand: Roland Model: 11158
Roland JD-Xi Analog/Digital Synthesizer Tiny, mighty, and affordable, the JD-Xi puts a true analog synth engine, Roland's famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds, and many other creative tools under one hood. Equipped with 37 mini keys, this compact instrument delivers fat, warm analog bass and lead ton..
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Brand: Roland Model: 99795
Roland JU-06A Boutique Series SynthEverything You Love About Vintage JUNOs--In One SynthFor many, vintage Roland JUNO synthesizers define the sound of the '80s. Increasingly popular on the used market, many keyboardists either want one, or deeply regret selling one back in the day. With the JU-06A y..
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Brand: Roland Model: 99796
Roland MC-101 GrooveboxSmall size. Massive groove.Produce and perform music anywhere, anytime, without clutter or complications. The Roland MC-101 has the sequencing, sounds, and effects of the professional MC-707, in a compact four-track version. It has the highest quality Roland sounds and churns ..
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Brand: Roland Model: 99797
Roland MC-707 Groovebox WorkstationThe Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX has everything you need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. Immerse yourself in eight tracks of recording, sequencing, synthesizers, and effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Record audio a..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:687.93€
Roland SE-02 Tabletop Analog Synthesizer Roland SE-02 Tabletop Analog Synthesizer
Brand: Roland Model: 11362
Roland SE-02 Tabletop Analog Synthesizer A collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02 is the debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series. The SE-02 uses authentic discrete analog circuitry to create a synthesizer with a distinctly vintage sound and vast progra..
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ:366.38€
Brand: Roland Model: 16101
FOUR TIMES THE SOUNDS IN A FRACTION OF THE SIZE The SH-01A is a meticulous reproduction of the iconic Roland SH-101, one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time. Our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology reproduces the SH-101’s legendary sounds by faithfully recreating the actual ..
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Brand: Roland Model: 95678
Roland SP-404A Linear Wave SamplerPicking up where Roland's popular SP-303 sampler left off, the Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler is built on a foundation of more: more features, more voices, more pads, and more memory. The SP-404 has an updated sleek, silver look, and it surpasses its predecessor..
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Brand: Roland Model: 11161
Roland SYSTEM-1m Modular Synthesizer The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability and a unique design that can be used as a Eurorack module, tabletop synth, or 19" rack mount unit. In addition to being a powerful standalone instrument, the SYSTEM-1m has external inputs and..
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