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Rainger FX

Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35267
This pedal is the new mini version of the Air Traffic Controller – but with a switchable filter. The overdrive circuit (not switchable) is from the – now discontinued – El Distorto, so this is actually a two-in-one pedal. With the filter on and some white noise blended in it gives a’ moogy-soloing’ ..
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Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35266
The Bleep is the most fun, most out-there pedal in the Rainger FX line! It’s a compilation of various sounds from the range of Dwarf pedals recently discontinued, but in a more usable format. Using the same full-on fuzz circuit from the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz pedal, it has more low-end, the LFO speed ..
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Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35271
It’s an effect that’s heard on many recordings, often subtly – like when a rock rhythm guitar is sidechained with the kick drum, so every time the kick drum hits, the guitar volume dips slightly for that instant – giving a really powerful overall effect… The guitar sounds pumping, or spring-loaded!O..
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Rainger FX Drone Digital Delay Rainger FX Drone Digital Delay
Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35264
It’s a dub-flavoured digital delay (based on our Echo-X delay pedal), that also produces low, throbbing drones that can also be mixed through the delay circuit. If you play shoegaze, doom/heavy/psychedelic rock, or ambient music it’s a fantastic tool for making a powerful base note to play over. May..
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Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35265
The Minibar is a liquid analyser pedal, a truly revolutionary stompbox that uses the properties of a liquid to decide the sound of your guitar!A Journey Into SoundRainger FX are inviting you to take part in an experiment in tone-shaping discover. This mini pedal makes no sound at all until you ..
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Brand: Rainger FX Model: 35268
This is a digital reverb mini-pedal, simple to use, but giving a whole selection of unique – and very useful – new sounds. It’s based around an FV-1 chip, and comes with an Igor expression pad for real-time control. ‘Size’ adjusts the length of the effect, and ‘Level’ the amount of it you hear (the ..
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