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KMA Audio Machines Horizont

Stereo JFET phaser with extensive sound options
JFET phaser with EMPHASE function
envelope mode
Effect path and expression connection
The KMA Audio Machines Horizon at a glance:
  • Stereo JFET phaser for electric guitar, manufactured in Germany
  • Analog effect circuit with digital control for versatile sounds
  • Tao-Tempo Function
  • Eight selectable waveforms for the LFO
  • "Depth" control determines the depth of the phaser effect
  • "Spurt" control determines the speed of the phaser effect
  • "EMPHASE" function for unpredictable phasing effects
  • "Reg" controller determines the feedback that is fed back into the circuit.
  • Four mini-switches determine the point on the circuit where the feedback is fed back
  • "Envelope" mode (ENV) allows the phaser effect to be controlled via the stroke intensity
  • "SWP" control activates LFO, ENV or LFO/ENV mode
  • "ENV" controller determines the direction in which the envelope mode will act.
  • "Fuel" control determines sensitivity of envelope mode
  • "Decay" slider determines how long the effect is affected after the envelope mode is triggered
  • stereo outputs
  • Serial effect path
  • Connection for optionally available Expression Pedal
With the KMA Audio Machines Horizont, the Berlin effects company presents a particularly versatile phaser effect whose extensive sound shaping and control options set new standards. Accordingly, the effects pedal, which combines fully analog sound generation with a digital control unit, delivers not only traditional phaser sounds, but also spherical modulation soundscapes or the wacky soundscapes of the "EMPHASE" function. In addition, the control of the phasing speed can be determined either by the integrated LFO, but after activating the "Envelope" mode also by the velocity.
The heart of the KMA Horizon is an analog stereo 4-stage JFET phaser, whose intensity and effect depth can be controlled via the controls for "Depth" and "Spurt". In combination with the eight selectable waveforms for the LFO, this results in an extremely broad sound spectrum ranging from classical phasing to dreamy spherical soundscapes. The KMA Audio Machines Horizon also offers the "EMPHASE" mode, familiar from the Astrospurt, which provides varied and unpredictable effects by feeding the signal back into the phaser. A total of four mini-switches can be used to det
A special feature of the KMA Audio Machines Horizont is the possibility to control the speed of the LFO in different ways via the "SPURTCONTROL". In "LFO" mode, the modulation speed is set to a fixed speed as usual using the "Spurt" knob or the Tap Tempo footswitch. In "ENV" mode, on the other hand, control is provided by an envelope that reacts to the velocity of the keystroke and dynamically adjusts the modulation speed. In the combined "LFO+ENV" mode, control continues to be dynamic via the stop, but a minimum speed can be set via the "Spurt" control.ermine which of the four phaser stages feeds the feedback.
The KMA Audio Machines Horizont is also equipped with a wide range of connections. In addition to the stereo outputs, a serial effects path is available that is placed before the first phaser stage and allows further effects to be integrated into the sound shaping. An Expression connector is also available to control the effect using an Expression Pedal or external Control Voltage (CV) sources.