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KMA Audio Machines

Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50041
Powered by an optional standard 9V-18V DC PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, approx. 5mA current draw) Time and Space are lost within the sound of the universe. Breath in and breath out, slow down and be ready for the Astrospurt. Fasten your seatbelt and get lost in the wide, warm and soft sound..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50042
There once was a time where all the streets were grey and dark, filled with dust, dirt and lifeless existence. Humankind was lost and slowly losing its belief in the beauty of the world. Until one day, something began to tower above the smoke-filled chimneys. Something with a serene and clear clang ..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 57055
Floating above your head, delicate and elusive yet dreamy and sweeping. Always in motion until it dissolves and merges with the all immersive atmosphere around it. Just close your eyes and let the KMA Audio Machines’ Cirrus Delay and Reverb carry you across the open sky, onto its sonic cloudscapes.C..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50043
Dead Stag FUZZ | DISTORTIONDeep black mud is covering his jaws, but the rising sun reveals the glancing brake draped antlers of the majestic dead stag. His massive blast of distortion will tear down even the thickest boondock wilderness and set the world on fire. The Dead Stag is based on one of..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50044
Fuzzly Bear SILICON FUZZ MONSTERHoly Spirit of the forest, the Fuzzly Bear fuzz pedal is here, so kick the Switch to unleash the beast! The sound of this fuzz-pedal is influenced by an old rare and underrated fuzz box from the 1970s, the classic Jordan Boss Tone. The main reason though why this peda..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 120185
Calling a pedal legendary or a cult classic is often stretching the truth, but when it comes to the Boss HM-2 MIJ it’s absolutely on the money. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that the WURM Distortion is our unabashed sonic love letter to this filthy box of doom and gloom, taking the essential in..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50045
Stereo JFET phaser with extensive sound optionsJFET phaser with EMPHASE functionenvelope modeEffect path and expression connectionThe KMA Audio Machines Horizon at a glance:Stereo JFET phaser for electric guitar, manufactured in GermanyAnalog effect circuit with digital control for versatile soundsT..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 35340
Logan is made to transcend the well-known boundaries of overdrive. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a pre-amp, a low/mid-gain drive or a screaming resonant cocked-wah sound, Logan will deliver all the gainy goods. Combined with our active 3-Band EQ, including a fully parametric Mid-EQ with a..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50046
MinosGERMANIUM FUZZ GOD Conqueror of old lands and cursed with the unholy horned bastard son, King Minos has returned, filled with anger to deliver those ancient tones of fuzz-history! The Minos is KMA Audio Machines’ modern approach to the old-fashioned and beloved three-stage germanium fuzz sound,..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50047
Moai MaeaMONOPHONIC ANALOG SUBSONIC POWER OCTAVER For thousand of years they tower over the green meadows along the coast and the hillside of Rapa Nui. Moai Maea, silent and solemn - venerated and mystified by a long forgotten ancient culture. It will let you feel the droning and shrieking of the mi..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50048
Queequeg SUBGENERATORGuided by an immortal spirit and encouraged by the old seer’s prophecy to plunge into the abyssal sea fulfilling his destiny. He is holding his weapon with ease willing to tame the tremendous beast and showing you the beauty of the deepest sounds. Queequeg – just one man to pave..
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KMA Audio Machines SAM Supply Aid Machine
Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50049
SUPPLY AID MACHINEJust feed SAM a standard 9V or 12V DC outlet (negative-centre pin) from your power supply unit, or a standard power adapter and it will give you one power output with -9V DC and one with 18V DC. Each output delivers up to 100mA, enough to feed several pedals via a daisy chain. By u..
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