KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines Logan

Logan is made to transcend the well-known boundaries of overdrive. It doesn't matter if you are look..


KMA Audio Machines SAM Supply Aid Machine

SAMSUPPLY AID MACHINEBREAKING NEWS: Comprehensive investigations have revealed a new top secret mach..


KMA Audio Machines-Astrospurt Phaser

DREAMY 4-STAGE JFET PHASERTime and Space are lost within the sound of the universe. Breath in and br..


KMA Audio Machines-Belfry Dual Buffer

BelfryBUFFERThere once was a time where all the streets were grey and dark, filled with dust, dirt a..


KMA Audio Machines-Dead Stag Fuzz

Dead StagFUZZ | DISTORTIONDeep black mud is covering his jaws, but the rising sun reveals the glanci..


KMA Audio Machines-Fuzzly Bear Silicum Fuzz

Fuzzly BearSILICON FUZZ MONSTERHoly Spirit of the forest, the Fuzzly Bear fuzz pedal is he..


KMA Audio Machines-Horizont

Stereo JFET phaser with extensive sound optionsWith the KMA Audio Machines Horizont, the Berlin..


KMA Audio Machines-Minos

MinosGERMANIUM FUZZ GODConqueror of old lands and cursed with the unholy horned bastard son, King&nb..


KMA Audio Machines-Moai Maea Analog Octaver

Moai MaeaMONOPHONIC ANALOG SUBSONIC POWER OCTAVERFor thousand of years they tower over the green mea..


KMA Audio Machines-Queequeg Sub Octave Generator

QueequegSUBGENERATORGuided by an immortal spirit and encouraged by the old seer’s prophecy to plunge..


KMA Audio Machines-Strokkur

StrokkurTREBLE-BOOSTERIceland, a place full of myths, miracles and fairytales. Mighty forces are doz..


KMA Audio Machines-Tyler Frequency Splitter

TylerFREQUENCY SPLITTERCan you hear the sounds coming from the woods? The steely strikes of an axe a..


KMA Audio Machines-Wurm Distortion

WurmDISTORTIONThis dark legend has been told for thousands of years. An old creature, full of grief ..