IO Instruments Themisto VCO

  • 149.00€

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Analog precision oscillator

The THEMISTO from IO Instruments is a precision analog oscillator with six waveforms including a suboscillator. The oscillator convinces with a wide frequency range and precise tracking. The cleanly calibrated waveforms, including low distortion sine wave, are suitable for both modulation and audio source. The suboscillator, which is tuned one octave lower, is rotated in phase to better survive the mix. Linear and exponential FM are possible simultaneously and can be subtly dosed thanks to the internal attenuator. Hardsync and an LFO mode complete the features.

IO Instruments THEMISTO at a glance:

  • Eurorack module
  • Analog precision oscillator
  • Cleanly calibrated waveforms
  • Pulse width modulation from 0-100%.
  • Low distortion sine wave
  • Phase-inverted suboscillator
  • hardsync
  • Linear & exponential FM
  • Buffered CV/Gate Passage
  • LFO mode
  • 16 TE Width