Grp Synthesizer

Grp Synthesizer A2

A little great analog synthesizer with all the Grp heritage of sound and capabilities. Wide 8 vertic..


Grp Synthesizer ADSR

Four stage Envelope GeneratorThree time ranges selectableGate In and Trig In. Gate In available at T..


Grp Synthesizer Dual LFO

Two Low Frequency OscillatorsEach with 3 selectable freq rangesDedicated outs for ramp-triangle-saw ..


Grp Synthesizer Envelope Follower

CV and Gate extraction from audio signal with Line/Mic selectable levelThere is a pre-amped audio si..


Grp Synthesizer Fixed Filter Bank

Twelve BP filters, one HP, one LP at spaced cutoff frequenciesPanel Width: 16 HP+12V =  62mA-12..


Grp Synthesizer Mixer

Three-channel Audio/CV MixerEach one w Input LevelMain Out Level and dual output, with standard and ..


Grp Synthesizer Multi

Three multiples with 4, 6 and 4 connectionsPanel Width: 4 HP+12V =  0mA-12V  = 0mA+5V = 0m..


Grp Synthesizer Noise Sample And Hold

Sample & Hold wint Noise Generator Int/Ext clock sourceInput Level, Glide Amount and Internal Cl..


Grp Synthesizer R24

The Grp R24 is a 8x3 analog step sequencer firmly based on the mighty step sequencer previously deve..


Grp Synthesizer Stereo Out Module

Four Channel Output MixerIns 1,4 freely pannable L-RIns 2,3 hard pannedl full L-RStereo Main Out w s..


Grp Synthesizer SVF 12db

State Variable Filter with:12db HP; Two pole high pass filtering. 6db BP; One pole band pass fi..


Grp Synthesizer VCA

Amplifier with selectable Lin/Exp resp..Audio Input w adj level, Initial Gain and CV1 attn..Two CV I..


Grp Synthesizer VCF 24db

Transistor Ladder Filter w 1-4 poles LP and SELECT aux outTwo audio in (one adj) and two CV In (one ..


Grp Synthesizer VCO

Oscillator w Sine, Triangle, Saw,Pulse Sub octave (-1/-2)Octave 64’-2’,three CV In; PW/PWM w CV inHa..