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E-RM Midiclock E-RM Midiclock
2-3 Days
Brand: E-RM Model: 16001
midiclock⁺Improve your musical setup with a jitterfree masterclock and get rid of sloppy timing.Whether you need a small & reliable clock source for your hardware gear or just want to improve the synchronisation of your DAWs:You should always choose a midiclock⁺! Midi, Din & Modular.The..
Ex Tax:157.26€
E-RM Modular Whip E-RM Modular Whip
2-3 Days
Brand: E-RM Model: 16002
Breakout converter to use E-RM masterclocks with a modular synth. Converts between DIN sockets and clock/reset/start/stop 3.5mm jacks and vice versa.technical details1 x DIN Plug 2 x 3.5mm jack socket Length: approx. 10cm ..
Ex Tax:15.32€
E-RM Multiclock E-RM Multiclock
Brand: E-RM Model: 16000
Ex Tax:436.13€
Brand: E-RM Model: 16003
Polygonal Digital Stereo OscillatorE-RM’s polygogo is the first digital stereo oscillator to feature the brand-new Polygonal Synthesis technique. Based on complex two-dimensional amplitude shaping of sine waves, the polygogo is a performance-oriented, high-quality instrument which allows you to expl..
Ex Tax:452.94€
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