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Neo By Oyaide DC-3398 LL 20cm

Precision Conductor “102 SSC” DC Cable with AWG18 size twisted luxuriously

The precision conductor “102 SSC” is currently used in the main products of both Oyaide and NEO, including BLACKMAMBA-α V2, and is characterized by its high resolution, wide range and flat expression.
The “102 SSC” conductor is used in the “3398” AWG18 size (0.75sq), which conforms to the U.S. UL standard AWMstyle3398, with a withstand voltage of 300V and heat resistance of 150°C, and a permissible current of 6A.
With 300V and 6A allowable current, the DC-3398 LL covers almost all effectors on the market, and its high specification is obvious. In addition, the DC-3398 LL’s unique twisted structure enables both noise resistance 
and exceptional sound quality.

Wisted structure to prevent electromagnetic induction noise

“In the DC-3398 LL, the + and – wires are twisted to equalize the two wires and cancel out the magnetic field, preventing electromagnetic induction noise and ensuring noise resistance performance that can withstand live use. In addition, the same cable is used for the power line and ground line, and the return current flowing to the ground is taken into consideration to achieve clear sound quality and sound insulation. This simple twisted structure does not interfere with the flow of electric current and expresses the characteristics of 102 SSC straightforwardly, which is effective in changing effects and amplifying overtones.

Gold-plated mold & marking seal on the plug

A gold-plated plug, which is rare for a DC plug, is used to improve conductivity and corrosion resistance. The plug is molded for heavy-duty use with frequent insertion and removal.
In addition, the DC-3398 LL comes with a total of six marking stickers, two each in red, silver, and blue, which are useful when replacing or reviewing the cable.