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Kenton Thru-12


The Thru-12 is a MIDI DIN splitter with one input and twelve outputs. – The ideal solution if your sequencer or MIDI interface doesn’t have enough outputs for all your synthesizers, drum computers and effects processors. A solid metal housing guarantees excellent stability. The latencies generated by the Thru-12 are minimal. – Typically Kenton.


The Thru-12 box is an active MIDI splitter. Signals fed to the opto-isolated DIN input are routed to twelve outputs. A schmitt trigger logic circuit ensures excellent signal quality. The device can process any MIDI data. The Thru-12 introduces less than a millisecond of latency.

The Thru-12 comes with an external 9V DC power supply. (Polarity: Tip = positive / Ring = negative)

One MIDI DIN input
Twelve MIDI DIN outputs
2.1mm input for external 9V DC power supply

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