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Instruo OCHD Expander

16 additional outputs across 4 new functions for ochd


Launched in 2019 and designed in collaboration with Ben "DivKid" Wilson, the Instruō øchd has set a standard for compact and versatile modulation sources which can now be seen across thousands of eurorack systems.

The øchd's 8 analogue outputs can now be be tripled with a farther 16 unique control voltage sources by pairing it with the øchd expander ([ø] 4^2).

All outputs are derived from combinations of the 8 analogue triangle LFO cores to produce an extravagant range of variable voltages, triggers and 4x 4-Bit DAC based stepped random voltage sources which are best described as flavours of "slow noise".

Enhance your existing modulation capabilities immediately with this 4HP cluster of control voltage capabilities.

Note: øchd required, all cables included with expander


• 4 full wave rectifiers
• 2 pairs of analogue diode logic Max/Min signal generators
• 4 trigger sources which can combine in a cascaded fashion through normal connections
• 4 4-Bit DAC outputs generating variations of slow noise