QU-Bit Electronix

QU-BIT Chance

Qu-Bit Electronix - Chance is a unique modulation source that uses chance operations to create ..


QU-Bit Chord 4 Voice Digital Oscillator

The Chord is a plug and play solution for bringing musical polyphony to your system. It is a four ..


QU-BIT Contour

Never run out of envelopes again.  Contour is a quad envelope generator. Each channel has lo..


QU-Bit Eon

EON is an envelope, oscillator, and noise source in 2 HP. It has three modes that are quickly a..


QU-BIT Mixology

Qu-Bit Electronix - Mixology takes the mixing and routing of modular audio signals to a new level of..


QU-Bit Nano Rand

Nano Rand Nano Rand is a sample and hold, noise source, and random voltage generator in 4 HP. ..


QU-BIT Pulsar

Burst Generator Pulsar is a burst generator inspired by stars that output beams of electromagneti..


QU-Bit Rhythm 4 Channel Pattern Generator

The Rhythm is a 4 channel pattern generator with BPM display. It ships with a multitude of genre-ori..