Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic MkII

Utilizing JFET technology cascaded gain stages we set out to mimic the signal path and response of a..


Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation

Introducing the Constellation of Fuzz.A multi-mode Germanium fuzz / booster inspired by british clas..


Crazy Tube Circuits Deranged

In search for the ultimate envelope filter we set out to mod a classic design of the past to match t..


Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia

Echotopia is the Greek word for soundscapes.With that in mind we designed a mono in - stereo out, re..


Crazy Tube Circuits Locomotive

Locomotive is a real tube bass overdrive featuring a 12AY7 tube, the same tube type used in the prea..


Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B

Voiced after a 70s high wattage guitar tube amp that was also used on bass guitar in rock, doom, slu..


Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B Plus

Things got Bigger!!! We took the high headroom, rock heavy tone of Planet B and added extra fle..


Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged

Space Charged is our first real tube overdrive!Featuring a 12AY7 preamp tube powered from a standard..