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TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper

The original Ditto looper from 2013 has become one of the best selling guitar effects pedals in the world. Now after a couple of years of updates the Ditto Stereo looper is here which mixed the best features of the Ditto X2 into a smaller single pedal package. If you have not got a looper pedal yet, now is the best time with a TC Electronic Ditto for every kind of player.

Expanding On The Original

While the original mini Ditto Looper is amazing there were always a couple of things missing. Now with full stereo support as well as the ability to not only create and store your own backing tracks but also download loops from some of the best guitarists in the world. These new options are built on top of the already incredible signal quality and unlimited overdubs that made the Ditto so popular.

High Quality Signal

The Ditto looper became so popular over other loopers thanks to its ease of use and pro grade quality. With the same 24 bit uncompressed recording and playback with up to 5 minutes of loop time all of your loops still sound great. If that wasn't already good enough you already have completely analogue dry-though circuitry so that whatever you are playing is not converted to digital and back again.

From The X2

Some of the best features of the incredible X2 have made their way down to the Ditto Stereo including USB import and export for loops, backing tracks and full access to Starjam loops. This means you can quickly load up a jam track from some of the best guitarists in the world and get practicing along with them.


  •  Super Intuitive - made by guitarists for guitarists
  •  Loop Import/Export, Backing Track and StarJam
  •  Stereo I/O
  •  Compact Design
  •  True Bypass and Analog Dry-Through
  •  Runs on 9V batteries or optional PSU