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TC Electronic BonaFide

Pure, Simple Tone

The best buffer in the world is the one you don't even notice is there. By transforming your high impedance guitars signal in to a stronger low impedance signal you don't suffer that annoying high end rolloff that ruins your perfectly crafted tone. That is the goal of the Bonafide buffer. No fancy bells and whistles, no footswitches or complex setup. Just plug in to where it sounds best in your rig and get the best tone that your gear can produce.

True/Buffered Bypass

As the name suggests buffer pedals have a buffered bypass. The only issue is that if your pedalboard power goes for some reason you would normally lose your entire signal going to your amp. The bonafide buffer has both a buffered and true bypass switch built in however meaning that when the power is cut it instantly switches to true bypass mode so your signal can continue to get to the rest of your pedalboard.

Here's what TC Electronic say about the Bonafide Buffer

BonaFide Buffer is the sonic remedy that will free your tone of any treble-sucking constraints put upon it by long cable runs. Just slam this high-quality, no-nonsense tone tool on your pedalboard and get ready to bask in your tone as it was meant to be. Transparent, crisp, alive and all you!

  • High-Quality analog buffer
  • Run long cables without any signal degradation
  • Power failure mode - Automatically switches to True Bypass if power gets cut.

Salvage Your Sound
If you hadn't already guessed it, we love pedals and effects. They're fun, inspiring and can completely define your sound. Sadly, the more you add, the more cables you have to use. In the end this makes you sound like you've plugged into a wet blanket, instead of your gorgeous-sounding amp. By turning your guitar's high impedance output into low impedance, BonaFide Buffer opens up the tonal floodgates, so your tone can flow strong and freely through your entire signal chain.

Simply Spec(s)tacular
In order for a buffer to deliver the goods, it needs to be able to build up a lot of signal strength (high input impedance) and then release all of that power effortlessly (low output impedance). BonaFide Buffer's 1M ohm input and 100 ohm output secures exactly those goals and enables you to have obscenely long cable runs, while still maintaining optimum signal strength. But With great input impedance comes great noise though, right- No, not with BonaFide Buffer. With a >112dB signal to noise ratio and a Total Harmonic Distortion rating at 0.001%, this beautiful utility box has cut away all the downsides of a buffer and simply leaves you with the upside of an unaltered you.

Failure Is Not An Option
Even though BonaFide Buffer is pretty straight forward, we've included one extra feature that could prove a real lifesaver during a gig. BonaFide Buffer has a built-in intelligent bypass relay, which automatically switches it from buffered to true bypass if its power suddenly gets cut. So no matter how chaotic it gets on stage, your tone will always be heard. Now that you can't blame your gear if something goes wrong, just blame the drummer (like the rest of us).