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Analogue VCO

Brand: Synthrotek Model: 14030
Synthrotek is pleased to offer a complete line of eurorack synthesizer modules, power, cases and accessories in both complete units and kits. We now offer a very complete analog modular monophonic voice with many accompanying utility modules. This new complete voice is the product of a collaboration..
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Synthrotek VCO
Brand: Synthrotek Model: 99791
The VCO is an analog voltage controlled oscillator with a wide frequency range and 8 trackable octaves. It uses the Curtis CEM3340 reissue chip, which is famous for its outstanding sound quality.Features:Simultaneously available triangle, saw and square wave outputsFrequency range: 5Hz to 28kHz..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 11437
OVERVIEWDual oscillator following the west coast philosophy of one main oscillator with it's frequency or amplitude being affected by an modulation oscillator. Furthermore the main oscillator has athree wave shapers for altering timbre and for emphasizing certain harmonics. The internal modulation i..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 35293
The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics.The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics. It is based on the same discrete transistor core as our other oscillators. In addition to outputs for the Square and Triangle waves directly from the core, there is a brand new multiplying waveshap..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 11438
OVERVIEWAnalog additive oscillator module that generates the first eight harmonic as sine waves. The frequency spectrum can be processed in a creative way by 3 CV inputs. Linear FM, a voltage controlled signal mixer with faders and three outputs for standard wave forms are available as well. The osc..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 95699
Best of both worlds, Crater is an analog/digital hybrid bass drum that plays as hard as it kicks.The analog side is where crater gets it’s tone, it’s umf’ and it’s power. Like a 909 style kick drum, Crater’s analog section features a pitch envelope that ranges from snappy attacks, to lazer soun..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 95688
Tempo syncable modulation sourceModbox is a tempo syncable modulation source with a three-phase LFO, CV Skewable LFO, Sample and Hold, and White Noise generator.  LFO 1 is a three-phase LFO with independent outputs for each phase which are set at 0, 120, and 240 degrees.  Shape can be..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 99354
TRSHMSTR is a collaborative effort between WMD and electro-dance heavyweights MSTRKRFT. TRSHMSTR features an aggressive combination of band-pass filtering (FLTR) and distortion (DRV). The FLTR and DRV sections can be used independently or together to produce a wide variety of tone-shaping,..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19004
1976 Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter10 distinct frequency responses,vocal formant capability,advanced resonance control,nonlinear feedback and cross-modulation,self-oscillation,callibrated V/oct input,temp. compensation mA +12V42 mA -12V0 mA 5V20 mm de..
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Xaoc Devices Odessa Xaoc Devices Odessa
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 96750
DESCRIPTIONOdessa is an additive oscillator, which means the output signal is synthesized by adding a multitude of sinusoidal components (up to 2560 harmonic partials). By manipulating their parameters it is possible to obtain a broad range of unearthly sounds as well as classic saw, square, and pur..
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