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Acoustic Treatment

Vicoustic is passionate about sound and designing the best acoustic solutions to meet the demands of our customers.

You may wonder if you need an acoustic treatment for your room. To ensure that we manage each bespoke project with the utmost attention, Vicoustic has a whole department dedicated to offering professional support, whether you are creating an intimate home studio or a world-class facility. The following 4 videos intend to give you some understanding to acoustic issues you may be experiencing in your room and how Vicoustic Project Department Team can guide you finding a solution for them.

Acoustic Treatment for Recording Room, Home Studio or Control Room

In the first video, you will see that in a Professional Audio room you will need to deal with several different acoustic issues - like, for e.g.: first reflections; room modes, reverberation time - in order to achieve a proper acoustic environment that allows you to critically monitor your work.

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