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Animal Factory Godeater 2020 Version

The crushingly heavy Godeater bass fuzz is back in a fresh new avatar, and nearing the end of production for 2020. Apart from the slick new look, we decided to integrate a few improvements that lovers of the old version had asked for.

The clipping switches have been replaced by knobs, allowing you to sweep through distortion textures. A pristine ultra-low impedance clean signal is always available on a dedicated output jack, user-upgradeable to a true floating balanced output (1/4" TRS jack) at a nominal charge . The switching is now relay based with a soft switch - goodbye clacky switches and switching noise! Lastly, an improved additional output stage maintains level consistency in the dry/wet blend mode. The legendary low end compression and bass distortion circuit, loved by bassists, extended range guitarists and techno producers alike, remains essentially unchanged.

    innovations in the new model:
    -New housing and technical rather than mythological terms for parameter description
    -Extra Dry output
    -Instead of clipping switches, there are now potentiometers that fade continuously between diode and LED clipping.
    -Improved and quieter bypass switch

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