Ritual Electronics - Crime

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Ritual Electronics' Crime is an expander for the Miasma distortion module. Two rotary switches are used to select six different diodes each.  The upper rotary switch stands for the positive signal component, the lower for the negative one. With Crime you can very fast step through a lot of symmetric and asymmetric distortion / overdrive / waveshaping variations.


For the positive and negative part of the signal, six different diodes each can be selected via two rotary switches. Before the Crime appeared, the module had to be unscrewed from the rack and the enclosed diodes had to be replaced "manually".

Crime is connected to the Miasma at the slot provided for changing the diodes "manually".

At the Crime itself there is another freely assignable slot (No VI), which takes over this function of the Miasma.

The level differences, which result from different diode configurations, can be compensated with the small level trim control at the front of the module.

3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 20mm deep
module does not draw current

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