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The Ritual Electronics Altar is a 3-pole (18dB) voltage controlled filter in which all parts are put together to form a harmonious whole. Thanks to the clever arrangement of the filter modes (BP-LP-HP) with the Color parameter, it is possible to softly blend between them without drastic level changes. The unusual slope of 18dB has a good grip without being too hard. And the resonance always forms a nice symbiosis with the signal, but can also break out acid-style. Additionally the input can be clipped.


Altar is the second module of young French company Ritual Electronics and is a cooperation with Mathieu Fröhlich, who made the Squarp Hermod. Altar is a derivation from a larger project. Someday there might be a polyphonic (dream) synthesizer...

At the beginning of the development was the consideration to enable more complex movements through the spectrum, but also to equip the filter with a certain "punch". It has therefore:

  • At 18dB slope steepness. As a middle course between Oberheim-softness and Prophet V-punch.
  • CV-controllable, continuous morphing. From Bandpass to Lowpass to Highpass.
  • CV-controllable resonance. This can be used to set TB303-like accents.
  • Asymmetrical clipping at the filter input, which leads to a distortion in the filter core.
  • Use as Sinewave-Osscillator: When selfresonating the Altar tracks 4-5 octaves.

All these features taken together make the Altar into an easy to play and patch, very inspiring filter.

Audio: In, CV: Colos, Res, Freq, 1V/Oct
Audio: Out
3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 25mm deep
Powerconsumption: +12V 35mA, -12V 30mA

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