Raigner FX

Raigner FX Air Space Invader 2

This pedal is the new mini version of the Air Traffic Controller – but with a switchable filter. The..


Raigner FX Bleep (& Igor controller)

The Bleep is the most fun, most out-there pedal in the Rainger FX line! It’s a compilation of variou..


Raigner FX Deep Space Pulsar(& Igor, mic)

It’s an effect that’s heard on many recordings, often subtly – like when a rock rhythm guitar is sid..


Raigner FX Dr Freakenstein Chop Fuzz

This is the latest of the legendary Dr Freakenstein range, using the same fuzz circuit as before, bu..


Raigner FX Drone Rainger Digital Delay

This is the most atmospheric, cinematic pedal that we do…It’s a dub-flavoured digital delay (based o..


Raigner FX Minibar Liquid Analyser

he Minibar is a liquid analyser pedal, a truly revolutionary stompbox that uses the properties of a ..


Raigner FX Reverb-X digital reverb (& Igor) mini-pedal

This is a digital reverb mini-pedal, simple to use, but giving a whole selection of unique – and ver..