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KMA Audio Machines Strokkur
Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50050
Strokkur TREBLE-BOOSTERIceland, a place full of myths, miracles and fairytales. Mighty forces are dozing underneath the barren valley of Haukadalur. A Geysir, so graceful, letting you stand in awe to the power of nature. Its name is Strokkur, the namesake of KMA Audio Machines' Germanium Treble- to ..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 120186
The heart of the pedal is still the same essential filter sections, which splits your signal into different loops with HIGH PASS and LOW PASS paths both filters have a 12 dB/oct. roll-off with a variable cut-off frequency from 20 Hz to 3 kHz). The rest of the vital tonal organs have had a thorough u..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50051
Tyler FREQUENCY SPLITTERCan you hear the sounds coming from the woods? The steely strikes of an axe are echoing clearly through the forest, alongside the separated heavy thuds of chopped trees falling. It’s Tyler - a man, rough and towering, wielding his steely axe with only one aim: Splitting up yo..
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Brand: KMA Audio Machines Model: 50052
Wurm DISTORTIONThis dark legend has been told for thousands of years. An old creature, full of grief and malice, it will bring destruction and terror over tracts of the land. Feel the fear and the destructive energy of that ancient monster, with the WURM. KMA Audio Machines brings you the legendary ..
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