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Future Retro 512 Touch Keyboard Future Retro 512 Touch Keyboard
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99451
The 512 is a gold plated capacitive touch keyboard, packed with a unique blend of truly musical features to enhance your creative experience. The 512 is available with or without the optional rack ears that allow it to fit in a standard 19" rack enclosure, taking up only 4u spaces. Why is capac..
Ex Tax:713.45€
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99843
MIDI Interface for the TRAX! sequencerThe MIDI BUS was designed to be a MIDI interface for the eurorack system, and more specifically to offer MIDI inputs and outputs for our TRAX performance sequencer.This device provides opto-isolation of the MIDI input and buffers all MIDI signals.The MIDI BUS pr..
Ex Tax:65.55€
Future Retro Orb Sequencer Future Retro Orb Sequencer
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99455
The Orb is an easy to use, single track, step-based digital sequencer, ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers. The Orb is also a perfect solution for controlling 303 clones which often lack the essential sequencer.Based on our highl..
Ex Tax:389.52€
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99452
The Swynx is a sync box that converts incoming MIDI messages to MIDI clock, DIN sync, CR-78 clock, and Analog clocks. In addition, the Swynx provides the ability to swing the timing of all these clock outputs and select different time signatures in real-time with the front panel controls, and can al..
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Brand: Future Retro Model: 99450
The Transient Plus is a sample-based percussion module for the Eurorack format. The Transient Plus can recreate individual drum voices or sound like an entire drum machine or loop is playing, morphing from rhythm to rhythm, or at times sound more like a synthesizer when retriggering samples at audio..
Ex Tax:200.00€
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99842
Trigger and CV sequencerThe TRAX is a performance sequencer module designed to control the Transient line of products. This sequencer can also control various other modules in your modular system, as well as other analog and MIDI sound modules.What appears to be a rather simple looking module on the..
Ex Tax:158.82€
Future Retro Zillion Sequencer Future Retro Zillion Sequencer
Brand: Future Retro Model: 99453
The Zillion is a single track algorithmic MIDI sequencer based on the principles of the Triadex Muse. The Muse used counters and a shift register to generate more than a million musical melodies.The Zillion expands on these ideas to add more features and functionality, providing a zillion possibilit..
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