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Cooper FX Pastiche Card For Arcades

Cooper FX Arcades with Pastiche Card

Pastiche Card

  • 1. Pitch – Modelled after the arpeggiator modes on the Digitech XP-300. This is what happens when you put a pitch shifter in the feedback loop of a delay.
  • 2. Multi – A reverb is made of multiple delay 'taps'. This reverb allows you to isolate the taps and manipulate them in various ways.
  • 3. Vinyl – Fun emulation of old dusty and warped vinyls - you know the sound!
  • 4. Arp – A two-step arpeggiator with plenty of parameters.
  • 5. VHSDLY – A VHS-inspired delay.
  • 6. Mono – A classic aggressive mono synth sound. Like on lots of old synths, you can adjust the amount of drift, or detuning between two oscillators.
  • 7. Revrse – Standard reverse delay with some fun add-ons.
  • 8. Timest – Granular time stretching, or manipulating playback speed but not pitch with forward reverse, and random playback.