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Cooper FX Lo-Fi Card For Arcades

8 LoFi Sounds

  • 1. Vhs – Kind of like a stripped-down generation loss, but not really. Tape or vhs emulation with pitch modulation and bandwidth reduction.
  • 2. Vinyl – Fun emulation of old dusty and warped vinyls - you know the sound!
  • 3. Crushr – A crushed dirty square wave fed into a highly-resonant envelope filter creates a really aggressive and abrasive synth voice.
  • 4. Delay – A low fidelity delay with flutter and sample rate reduction.
  • 5. Reverb – Dusty and spooky verb with dark overtones.
  • 6. Rngmod – Ring mod with some unusual parameters.
  • 7. Bitvrb – This is another flavour of low-fi reverb. The tails of this verb are affected by a sample rate reducer, giving that digital crushed vibe.
  • 8. Synth – A synth... kinda. This program reimagines your signal as a synth-inspired voice.