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Cooper FX Generation Loss Card For Arcades

The Cooper FX 'Generation Loss' card is made for the Arcades console pedal. Simply plug it in, and you'll have access to eight tone-warping sounds: W+F, Fidlity, Comboa, Combob, Vhsdly, Vintage, Cdskip and Radio.

8 Tone-Warping Timbres

  • 1. W+F – Wow and flutter patch, this one focuses on the phenomenal W+F often found in magnetic media-like tapes. 'Wow' describes low frequency pitch variations (like a vibrato in guitar terms). 'Flutter' describes high-frequency pitch jumps and really creates the sound of garbled tape.
  • 2. Fidlity – The fidelity side of generation loss. Filtering, noise and sample rate reduction are key here.
  • 3. Comboa – Combining the wow and flutter characteristics from the 'W+F' patch with the filtering options from the 'Fidlity' patch gets you a pretty nice-sounding vhs emulation.
  • 4. Combob – The second combination, Combob, is the closest to the original generation loss.
  • 5. Vhsdly – A vhs-inspired delay.
  • 6. Vintage – Vintage time capsule!
  • 7. Cdskip – Recreates the sound of a CD skipping.
  • 8. Radio – An attempt to simulate the sound of a bad radio signal.