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Cooper FX Delay Card For Arcades

The Cooper FX 'Delay' card is made for the Arcades console pedal. Simply plug it in, and you'll have access to eight different delay styles: Digitl, Revrse, Analog, Tape, Grains, Pitch, Multi and Enhold.

8 Delay Sounds

  • 1. Digitl – This is a classic sounding digital delay. Repeats are clean and sterile. Chorus and vibrato can be tacked onto the repeats.
  • 2. Revrse – A reverse delay with some unique twists, pitch/playback speed and direction control.
  • 3. Analog – Emulation of old-school analog delay with modulation and a unique fidelity control.
  • 4. Tape - Modelled on a tape echo. Allows for runaway oscillation, fidelity-tweaking and random modulation to nail tape warble.
  • 5. Grains – A unique granular delay which takes a delay buffer and chops it into grains.
  • 6. Pitch – Modelled after the arpeggiator modes on the Digitech XP-300. This is what happens when you put a pitch shifter in the feedback loop of a delay!
  • 7. Multi – Multi-tap delay with two taps proportioned by the golden ratio, with random modulation.
  • 8. EnHold – Envelope hold delay. Freezes audio when an envelope detector is triggered by incoming audio.